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dotsFrogg Café – Admiral’s Picks: Vol. 1

Frogg Café - Admiral's Picks: Vol. 1

This is the first in a series of digital download-only live performance releases by New York’s esteemed Frogg Café.
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In a year that saw Frogg Café playing 27 shows up and down the East Coast and into Canada, “Admiral’s Picks: Volume 1” displays the band firing on all cylinders. These tracks were all performed live in 2005, from clubs to festivals. Extended flights of improvisation can be heard in “Moon Over My Hammy” and “Another Tsunami,” recorded live at the Oasis in New Paltz, sometime after 2am. The set includes “You Can’t Turn the Air Conditioning Off on a Fat Guy,” a sound-check jam, the world debut of “Dance,” and a rare unfinished “Candy Korn” that segues into “Questions Without Answers.” Additionally, “Happy Ending Shuffle” and “Reluctant Observer” feature what some die-hard Frogg Café fans call their favorite improvisations from the band to date.