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Farpoint Release “Paint the Dark”

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 by 10TRecords2 Featured Image

10T Records will release the brand new full-length CD release from South Carolina’s FARPOINT, entitled “Paint the Dark,” on May 6, 2014, with a retail street date of June 17, 2014.

“Paint the Dark” features Dean Hallal on vocals, Kevin Jarvis on guitars, keyboards, mandolin, and vocals, Abby Thompson on vocals and piano, Frank Tyson on basses, guitars, and vocals, and Rick Walker on drums and percussion.  Special guests include Christi Hunter Brownlow on violin and Jennifer Meeks Weich on flute.

With “Paint the Dark,” Farpoint has taken everything that makes their unique blend of uplifting and positive symphonic flavored prog, folk, and hard rock, and applied it on a more expansive canvas, creating the most layered and compositionally mature record of their career.  Long-time fans will instantly recognize the band’s signature style, while appreciating the more adventurous and atmospheric territories that the band explores on this release. “Paint the Dark” was produced by Kevin Jarvis and Farpoint and mixed and mastered by Jeff Hodges (Fromuz, Man On Fire, Band Of Horses).

“Farpoint is once again thrilled to be releasing our new album on 10T Records,” says Kevin Jarvis.  “It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of this amazing team, from the incredible staff to the amazing roster of artists. It’s a wonderful feeling to not only be a label mate but also a fan of nearly every band on the label. Special thanks to Steve Carroll and Jeff Hodges for going above and beyond in so many ways to make this the best Farpoint release yet!”

“We love the fact that we aren’t just partners with the artists on our roster, but we are genuinely friends with most of them,” says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll.  “That relationship makes bringing new music to the marketplace so much more rewarding.  We’re very happy to be once again working to bring new Farpoint music to their fans, and to the new fans I believe this release will generate for them.”

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2 Responses to “Farpoint Release “Paint the Dark””

  1. Nancy Walker Says:

    This is the best album Farpoint has EVER done! I love it! But I am also prejudiced, being mom to the drummer….:-)

    April 29th, 2014 at 11:27 am
  2. Macon Patton Says:

    I am very pleased to hear this news! My “Bad Mojo” single was getting lonely. I look forward to hearing “Paint the Dark” and will order or preorder as allowed by 10T records. I have admired this band for years. Few bands will ever be able to match Farpoint’s passion for their music and their faith. I look forward to hearing this new release. I know nothing about the recording; however, I know a great deal about the band and it’s journey. These folks are positive minded craftsmen (and women) that will stop at nothing to take a melody and reconstruct it in various ways which have given me immense pleasure over the years. Being a fan of Progressive (rock) music is a blessing for me because it can exercise my brain or just sooth my soul in a way that Miles Davis or Dmitri Shostakovich can ( with the exception DS’s 5th – that just sort of scares me) but it’s wonderfully developed progressive music born of walks looking for arrow heads and such. I fully expect “Paint The Dark” to do both. Really didn’t mean to go on like this but I’m really happy for you guys! God bless all of you and congratulations!

    April 29th, 2014 at 7:43 pm