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10T Records Store Download Pricing Structure

*Below prices are only applicable to purchases made from the 10trecords.com store. Other resellers and distributors may price differently.

Download – Full Album – M4A (lossless, high fidelity) – Single Disc: $6.99
Download – Full Album – M4A (lossless, high fidelity) – Double Disc: $8.99

Download – Full Album – MP3 (lossy, 256Kbps Mp3) – Single Disc: $4.99
Download – Full Album – MP3 (lossy, 256Kbps Mp3) – Double Disc: $6.99

Download – Singles – M4A (lossless, high fidelity): Price Based on Single Length Percentage of $8.99 if all single tracks on album purchased individually

10T Records artists and 10T Digital artists enjoy worldwide digital distribution through their network of over 300 online stores and 1000+ other reseller sites and kiosks. Please visit your favorite online store, or for more information… yes.. .contact us!

My country isn’t listed as a shipping option
Let us know where you need us to ship to, and we’ll get the country added to our system so that you can process your order. Or, we’ll be happy to direct you to the nearest 10T reseller in your country.

I bought M4A and my old player isn’t compatible
Send us an email and we’ll give you a link to download an MP3 version.

Hey, my question isn’t listed here!
We’re terribly sorry. With this new website being, you know, so new and all, we are still compiling common questions to post the answers to. Can you please email us your question and we’ll add it if it’s popular enough (and we’ll at least answer it !) Email Us!