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From left to right: Ali Izmailov, Igor Elizov, Vitaly Popeloff, Sur'at Kasimov & Albert Khalmurzaev.



Hailing from Tashkent Uzbekistan (hence the name: From UZ), From.uz is a 5 piece primarily instrumental band that creates a high-energy blend of complex Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, and Improvisation, along with healthy doses of Classical and European influences.  From.uz was officially introduced to the world through the compositions that they debuted in April 2005 at the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan, in Tashkent.  This incredibly energetic and expressive live performance (The CD/DVD combination “Audio Diplomacy”) is testimony to the intense musical statement that is Fromuz.

The band’s second full length CD, “Overlook” was released in 2008 to rave reviews, landing on many critics’ top 10 Lists for the year, including some where the band was lauded as releasing the best progressive rock CD of 2008.  In late 2008 From.uz entered into its latest incarnation under the leadership of guitarist Vitaly Popeloff and keyboardist Albert Khalmurzayev, and released “Seventh Story” as their third official release and their second in two years.  In addition to the instrumental sound that has defined Fromuz thus far, “Seventh Story” pushes into new areas including full orchestra for one track and vocals on several others.  In early 2011 a live performance DVD, “Inside Sevenh Story” was released.  This captured the entirety of “Seventh Story” performed live in Uzbekistan.

The band’s third release was “Quartus Artifactus.”  This double CD/DVD combo is a newly recorded collection of songs from all three of the band’s previous studio releases – rearranged and played in a prog-chamber format, with a less electric, more acoustic sound. The album includes a full concert DVD, with behind the scenes supplemental material and 2 CDs of the individual music tracks. The sound is a gentler, friendlier FROM.UZ, but retains the intensity of the originals while bringing in some beautiful acoustic interpretations.

In 2013 the band, once again operating under the name FROMUZ (no period), released “Sodom and Gomorrah,” a concept CD that features the acclaimed original FROMUZ line-up of Vitaly Popeloff (guitars), Albert Khalmurzaev (keyboards, guitars, vocals, harmonica), Vladimir Badirov (drums), and Andrey Mara-Novik (bass), plus Evgeniy Popelov (keyboards, vocals).

“Sodom & Gomorrah” was originally composed by multi-instrumentalist Albert Khalmurzaev as the soundtrack for a theatrical musical production of the same name at the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan. Reinterpreting the Biblical tale of “Sodom and Gomorrah” as a conceptual foundation, it tells the story of our modern world, ravaged by global addictions and vice that can only be remedied through a change from within the very heart of the human condition.

This concept is conveyed through the well-established passion and incendiary musicianship that has become the hallmark of FROMUZ.  This is modern progressive rock at its very finest.

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