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Elf Project Progressive/Experimental
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Elf Project is: (left to right) Mike Cappadozy (guitars), Carl Schultz (bass, keys, vocals, production), Dave Wayne (drums).



Hailing from the greater New York area, the Elf Project sound has been enhanced and refined on their newest 10T Records release, “The Great Divide.”  While still working from a foundation of 70′s era progressive rock, the band has infused a strong dose of classic power trio hard rock into their sound.  Carl Schultz (lead vocals, bass, keyboards), Mike Cappadozy (guitars), and Dave Wayne (drums) successfully merge their influences into an infectious and decidedly driving sonic assault that never sacrifices melody.

Many have cited a clear RUSH influence in the band’s music and fans of that classic Canadian outfit are sure to find much to their liking on “The Great Divide.”  Layers of melodic vocal harmonies sit atop a solid foundation of propulsive rhythms while tight, chunky guitar riffs and lush keyboard washes percolate throughout the mix.  The music is full of unexpected twists and turns; from bright, hook-laden vocal-oriented pop stylings to complex proggy instrumentals or the sudden introduction of middle eastern motifs or classical guitar.  Elf Project is a band not to be missed!

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